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In 1832 Baron Ernst Friedrich von Dörnberg acquired the garden palace on Kumpfmühler Strasse, including the large associated park, today's Dörnbergpark. As head of the princely administration, he involved the House of Thurn and Taxis in industrial ventures with great profit. He had the park beautified, the rose garden laid out and the garden pavilion built in the north of the park in the Swiss country house style. His son of the same name, born in 1836, was able to significantly increase his father's fortune. In his will, Count Dörnberg decreed: "I determine my entire fortune, however named, to support orphans, to grant scholarships, to found charitable and useful institutions...". The Gräfliche von Dörnberg'sche Orphan Foundation survived the wars and is still able to give significant sums to orphans every year.




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